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Resurrection Eggs | Life Your Way Printables

source: Mandi EhmanFamily.YourWay.net

source: Mandi Ehman

Did you know that if you order Resurrection Eggs from an online store, you do not get the eggs that come with the readings?

I discovered this on a hectic Sunday morning when I was trying to find something fun for my CCD class.  So I frantically searched the world-wide web for the Biblical readings for the Resurrection Eggs.  I was fortunate enough to find Family Your Way {intentional and creative living}.  

Family Your Way has provided wonderful story card printables as well as do-it-yourself Resurrection Eggs instructions.

Thank you, Mandi Ehman and Family Your Way for making my life a little easier when time was not on my side!

Resurrections Eggs | Life Your Way Printables

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