How Santa Stole CHRISTmas!

It’s November again, meaning the holidays are just around the corner. I cannot believe how fast it comes around when you’re all grown up. I used to hear my mother say how time would fly, but man, I didn’t realize that she meant lightening speed. And I am just not ready in more ways than one.

Nativity-SceneThis particular holiday season proved an upcoming dilemma for my husband and me.  Our little one is not so little anymore. She’s the big 1-1. 6th grade. And still believes in Santa Claus.  But it’s not her fault. Her friends have already told her that he’s not real, but she didn’t believe her friends because Mama and Daddy were telling her that her friends were wrong. DENY. DENY. DENY. “Of course he’s real. Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t have time to do all of the stuff Santa does. Your friends are probably just mad because Santa only brings underwear to the kids who don’t believe!”

And then she told us that she argues with the kids at school about it.  Oh no! What have I done?! My kiddo is going to be made fun of because we’re not ready for her to grow up yet.  So we put on our big parent pants and let her in on the secret of Claus {and when I say we, I mean me, mean old Mama *Sigh*}.

Can you guess what happened next? Yep, she cried for 20 minutes and Daddy didn’t say a word. I tried to explain that Santa teaches us how to have faith by believing in someone who we cannot see. Her response, “You took all the excitement out of Christmas.” And then I was devastated. We celebrate the birth of Christ. We celebrate our Advent traditions.  How did Santa steal Christmas from Baby Jesus?

I could blame it on this secular world in which we now live.  A world where money and objects are most important. A world where retail stores exploit the Christmas season for three months.  A world where the big, fluffy, jolly man is on every street corner. A world where a single letter has replaced Christ. I could blame it on all of those things.  But that wouldn’t be accurate.
Christmas Card 2011

Christmas Card 2011
Oh, yes,  I did!

Simply put, it’s my fault. I have failed as a Catholic mother to teach my child the true meaning of the season. Don’t get me wrong. She knows the story of the birth of Christ. She understands why we celebrate Christmas. But I have failed to teach her Christ over all things. It could have something to do with getting wrapped up in the decorating, and the lights, and the cocoa, and the songs, and the matching pajamas for the family Christmas card.  But as a family, we enjoy all of those things. {Insert excuses here.} 

So let’s start from scratch. Since the magic of Santa was destroyed forever in the life of this 11-year-old girl, she’ll have to put up Go Tell It on the Mountain instead of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, and making a salt dough manger scene instead of gingerbread houses, or decorating our Christmas tree with an Advent chain instead of the polar ice fishing Santa ornaments and donating some of her toys instead of writing a letter to Santa. But we’re keeping the matching pajamas for the Christmas card.

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