I Choose to be Catholic

I'm Catholic

I choose to be Catholic.

I can attend Mass seven days a week. Not just Sundays. Seven days a week, which means I can receive the Body and Blood of Christ on a daily basis. At Mass I am filled with so much joy it is some times difficult to contain it.

I can attend Mass at any Catholic church around the world and know almost exactly what to expect. The readings are universal. The prayers are universal. Our traditions are universal. The only thing different is the homily. In the past I have attended several other denomination church services, and in my experience I found them to be lacking. I enjoyed the music, but that’s about it.

I am grateful for the many prayers of my Faith. Litanies, Novenas and Acts, oh my! There have been times when I did not have the words to pray, and there will be more of those times. I love that there’s a prayer for everything. There’s a prayer for lost things. There’s a prayer for lost Catholics. There are prayers for ones enemies and humility.

I read the Bible. What? Catholics don’t read the Bible! Yes, we read the Bible. We even have Bible study groups. And we read from the Bible at every Mass. Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and the Gospel. I don’t carry my Bible with me to Mass because a Missal with the Bible readings is provided for me. But I can use my Bible if I like and many of us do.

I enjoy raising my child in the Church and being a Catechist. I love explaining our traditions. I love trying to explain transubstantiation. I love to hear their explanations of what it is to be Catholic. I love the looks on the students’ faces when they realize their first Reconciliation is coming soon. I love to hear them practice their prayers and songs. And I love seeing each one of them dressed in white to receive their first Holy Communion.

These are just a few things I love about being Catholic. The Catholic Church is my home. It’s my family. I choose to be Catholic.

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