In the Nick of Time

Okay.  I admit it.  The opinions of outsiders being spewed all over social media angers me.  {And by outsiders I mean non-Catholics.}  Obviously I don’t mean ALL outsiders.  Part of my anger goes to the outsiders whose opinions of the Catholic Church based on someone else’s opinions of the Catholic Church and not their own knowledge.  But what angers me most is a lot of these outsiders were at one time insiders who didn’t take the opportunity to learn for themselves and are now blaming the Catholic religion for their shortcomings.

Just this afternoon my blood was boiling when someone posed a question about the 10 Commandments in a very lengthy mixture of all caps, improper punctuation and spacing, and 900 sentence single paragraph. The concern was not about all of the Commandments. Just the fourth (or third according every Catholic resource I can find including the Douay-Rheims Bible).  You know.  The one that says, “Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day.”

The question began, “(((What did God say?))),” and stated several times that man (the Church) is evil and changed God’s law. This post continued on for 9 or 10 questions all asking where the Bible says the Sabbath is Sunday, who decided they could change it, and complaining about the Church’s role in the world.  The comments that followed were random scripture quotes from the inquisitor and what calendar they use.  Lunar, if you were wondering.

I began to comment that Sunday was the day Jesus rose from the dead and is the “first day” of Christ’s Resurrection as explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2168-2176), but the confusion caused by the format, content, and disrespect of the format only frustrated me more.  So I went about my day only to find another post by the same person later in the day about living without sin.

Now, please allow me to clarify.  I am all about evangelizing.  Preach the Word.  Teach the Word. Love the Word.  I’m a catechist.  I understand wanting to educate others about God, His love for us and what we can do to keep his love.  I can see this person’s passion and I’m happy she found God, but she reminds me of Tony Shalhoub’s character, Prophet Jack, in Life or Something Like It.  Tony Shalhoub plays a homeless man who predicts Angelina Jolie’s death, but he comes off as a nutcase.

Just when I thought I had enough, I read this:

Loving the truth isn’t the same thing as arguing about it; when we argue, we are so bent on getting the other person to see our point of view that we hardly mind whether it is true or not; we become advocates. Loving the truth isn’t the same thing as preaching it or writing about it; when we preach it or write about it we are too much concerned with making it clear, with getting it across, to appreciate it in its own nature. Loving the truth isn’t even the same thing as studying it, or meditating about it; when we study it, we are out to master it; when we meditate about it, we are using it as a lever which will help us get a move on with the business of our own souls. No, we have got to love the truth with a jealous, consuming love that can’t rest satisfied until it has won the allegiance of every sane man and woman on God’s earth. And we don’t, very often, love it like that. We are God’s spoiled children; his truth drops into your lap like a ripe fruit—Open thy mouth wide, he says, and I will fill it. There is a sense, you know, in which the false thinkers of today love the truth better than Christians do. Their fancied truth is something they have earned by their own labours, and they appreciate it more than we appreciate the real truth which has dropped into our laps.

A post by Ignatius Press with an excerpt from A Retreat of Lay People by Fr. Ronald Knox.  It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

I have seriously considered deleting some social media accounts.  It is so stressful to turn on my computer and see so much negativity about something I believe in so strongly.  And then I realize that social media is a wonderful tool for spreading the Gospel of the Lord and the teachings of Christ (and the Catholic Church).  For every one ignorant and unwilling to learn outsider {uneducated in the subject of discussion} there are many many MANY more people to whom I would rather associate myself.

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