Prayer and Religion in Public Schools

ImageI’ve been biting my tongue about this issue for quite some time, but I see it come up more and more on social media. The latest graphic I’ve noticed everywhere (pictured to the right) is of an incarcerated man reading what appears to be a Bible and a caption that basically says if children could read the Bible in school they wouldn’t end up in prison. My first thought is that my daughter can read the Bible and pray at her public school.  It is not allowed as part of a curriculum, but she can do it on her own.

My second thought is about the parents.  Where do the parents fit into this scenario? Are they at church every week dragging these children kicking and screaming? Are they at home every night reading Bible stories to these children at bedtime? If so, these children should know right from wrong and chances are may not end up in prison. Or are the parents depending on someone else to teach these children about God like most expect Sunday school teachers to do for them? It is my responsibility and mine alone as a parent to teach my child about God and our faith.  No one else’s.  It is my responsibility to lead her down the right path.  She may stray from that path a few times.  That’s why I will never leave her side.  Just as my mother has never left mine.

So then it progresses to the teaching of God and religion in public school and not just reading the Bible. Yes, I believe children’s education about the various religions and beliefs of the world is important, but there are many religions to which I do not want my young, vulnerable child exposed.  But also, I don’t want just anyone teaching my daughter about Catholicism. What steps would be taken by public schools to ensure they have someone qualified enough?

I wish we lived in a world I could send my daughter to public school to receive a private Catholic school education.  But that’s the problem.  There’s no guarantee the religion you want taught in public schools will be the religion and faith you practice and believe.

Take responsibility for your own children and their religious education.

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