Let’s Put God First.

What a crazy notion?! Who would ever think to pick up a Bible to read before grabbing their phone to catch up on the latest posts and gossip on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?  Carey C. Bailey with Cravings that’s who! Carey presents a wonderful challenge for busy moms to Pin God 1st! each day before visiting any type of social media website.  Busy mom? That’s me!

On her website (www.cravingsonline.net), Carey provides a list of daily readings for the month of July as well as three steps to follow.  It doesn’t get any more convenient, does it?

This will be a tough challenge! I’m not a daily Bible reader.  I know.  How can I set a good example for my kid if I don’t read the Bible everyday? That’s a good question for which I have no answer.  This will also mean an earlier wake-up call.  Am I crazy?! There aren’t enough hours in the day right now!  Cue the voice in my head.  You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.”

I am up for Carey’s challenge! Who’s with me?


May God bless you today and always,

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One thought on “Let’s Put God First.

  1. […] may recognize her name from a previous post of mine, but Carey Bailey is the brain behind Cravings, a blog designed to “help you satisfy […]


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